John Pemberton- Owner/Pro-Guide

John is a northern Virginia native and avid outdoorsman. John has been hunting and fishing on the east coast since he was a child. John took his love of waterfowl hunting and decided to share it with everyone to help encourage a new generation of hunters. John's passion is definitely waterfowl hunting. He lives and breathes it even off season. He spends a majority of his time scouting from spot to spot and checking out fields to make sure your hunt is a memorable one.

Sarah Pemberton- Owner/Hunt Coordinator

Sarah is the other half of Total Sportsman’s Outfitter. Growing up in a city environment, she did not experience hunting until marrying John in 2002, buthunting quickly became a favorite way to spend her mornings. Sarah is the go-to person for TSO. She is the client’s 1st point of contact and all questions a hunter might have, Sarah is more than happy to answer.

Michael Webert

Michael Webert has been hunting waterfowl since the age of 12. Started hunting ducks and Turkey and Deer on his many family trips to Mississippi. He killed his first Turkey when he was 10. When he moved to Virginia in his early 20s he began to really hunt waterfowl. He and his dog (The Legendary Moonshine) put in nearly 12 years hunting together. Michael now hunts with with buddy Cash (named after the man in black). He has traveled to Argentina and accross the U.S. persuing his passion for wings

Brandon Synder

Brandon has been hunting waterfowl, deer, and fishing in Virginia for 25 years. He started on a goose call with his Uncle at the age of 8 and takes pride in calling in and finishing birds. If he's not guiding in the winter he likes to spend his time chasing green heads in Arkansas timber or mature bucks in Texas. Although hunting and fishing is his real passion, he is also a professional baseball player in the summer.

Hardy Pemberton

Sydney Pemberton

Sydney (10) is the daughter of John and Sarah and has been in the blind since she was 2 years old. Her mother admits to Sydney having more patience in the blind than most adults. She is great at hearing and spotting the birds coming in from a great distance. Sydney enjoys helping pick up all the decoys after the hunt is over and her pet peeve is when you don’t sit still in the lay-out blinds.


Rosser is one of newer additions to team TSO. He is a 4 year old yellow lab from field trail lines with drive that would put many dogs to shame. His personality is a great combination of a bull in a china shop, and Doug the dog from the Pixar movie "Up".


Max is our old man of the group at 10 but don't let his age fool you. He is a BEAST in the blind. A son of the famous Bored Out Ford, his talent is incredible. Always steady. Intense. Eager to please. A seasoned dog who never disappoints. He hunts on land, water, ice, and even excels at upland. Max is the definition of an all around dog. We are truly blessed to have Max in our lives and he is definitely a TSO favorite.


Without Dixie, Total Sportsman's may have never come to be. Dixie was the driving force that pushed John's love for waterfowl from a hardcore hobby to a full fledged business. Dixie had more heart than any dog John had ever owned or hunted over. She was steady, determined, and a force to be reckoned with in the field. She was fiercely loyal to the Pemberton family and was never the "family dog" but was always a member of the family. Sadly, TSO lost Dixie in the summer of 2013.

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash of the Blue Ridge aka "Cash" was born in the mountains of Southwest Virginia. His endless drive is truely stunning considering he was the runt of the litter. Once on a bird there is no quiting in this dog and will go all day till the job is done.


Moonshine (aka The Old Man) was Mikes steady companion for 16 years. 12 of those years the pair was nearly inseparable when it came to hunting. Moonshine was a legend among those who had the privilege of hunting over him. From the coldest days in the duck blind or the 90+ days in the dove field Moonshine new what his job was and relished in it. Moonshine was laid to rest in 2014 overlooking one of He and Mikes favorite duck ponds.

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