At Total Sportsman’s Outfitter, we invest a lot of time and expense into our equipment. Here are some links to our favorite things.

We cannot speak highly enough about these decoys. They are extremely realistic and attract the birds like none other we have used. These decoys hold up to the elements and come in a wide variety of species. All of the guides at TSO currently are Pro-Staff for Higdon.

Turtle Creek Retrievers

Bob and Teresa Tebbens own and operate Turtle Creek Labs in Greenwood, Delaware. They are a full service training facility dedicated to the development of competitive retrievers, from gun dogs to competition dogs. All of John Pemberton’s personal dogs have also come from Turtle Creek. We here at TSO cannot speak highly enough about the Tebbens family. Amazingly dedicated people who turn out and breed some phenomenal dogs.

WideWater Waterfowl

We work very close with WideWater Waterfowl to provide a greater range of hunting experiences.

The Green Bow Foundation

This is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization whose primary goal is to give youth interested in hunting the education, mentorship and advocacy opportunities to mature into natural resource sustainability leaders within the outdoor sportsman community. Give them a look!


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